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For Patients

Heart disease is the number one killer in America — claiming more lives each year than cancer, accidents and diabetes combined. And the looming cuts to vital cardiovascular services are sure to make these numbers climb even higher. Most patients, particularly those on Medicare, cannot afford to find a new doctor. They also cannot shoulder higher co-payments, or make extra trips to the hospital — both of which will result from these devastating changes.

Your involvement is crucial to safeguarding patients' access to cardiovascular care!

  • Download the Patient Sample Letter to Congress (PDF)
  • Speak out by telling others
  • Guarding Hearts Alliance
  • CardioSmart – CardioSmart is the patient education site of the ACC. Covering everything from how the heart works, to heart disease risk assessment, to properly preparing for a visit to your cardiologist — the site offers a trove of knowledge that helps patients actively participate in their own heart health.
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Contact Your Representatives

Let your members of Congress know that you support quality cardiovascular care